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NO.TitlePublish Date
261The Centennial Celebration of the International Nurse Day and the Commendation for Outstanding Members of Staff2011-07-18
262Ecology camp of Feitsui reservoir2011-07-08
263The Nation’s First Smoking Cessation Assistance Areas in Taipei are Opened2011-07-05
264Metropolitan Taipei water source tour guide2011-06-20
265Healthy Taipei Hiking Event: 5/29 Old Tianmu Hiking Trail Welcomes You!2011-04-29
266Health statistics of Taiwan non-communicable disease surveillance are now public accessible2011-04-27
267Q&A for Further Amendment of the Second-Generation NHI2011-04-27
268Director Wu received 21 teachers staying four days in Teachers’ In-service Education Center from Wuhan to discuss the improvement of teachers’ training 2011-04-23
269"Healthy Weight Loss 101, Happy Taipei Number One" Prize Drawing2011-04-01
270Director Wu received 21 superintends from Tianjin to have a seminar with local superintends to discuss the government policy of Multiple Intelligence and Multiple Learning 2011-01-20
271Director Wu received 13 teachers from the education inspection group of Zhejiang Province to discuss teachers’ professional development2011-01-07
272Need Your Contribution in the Taipei Archives Quarterly2010-12-17
273The Annual 2010 Taipei Eye Guardian Angel Training Pledging Activity2010-10-11
2742010 Taipei International Symposium on Community Safety and Health in conjunction with ANMC21 Conference on Combating Infectious Diseases2010-10-06
275Lose 3 Kilograms in 3 Months, and Receive 10 Wellness Points!2010-09-02
276Director Wu received a group of teachers from Hunan Province to discuss multimedia instruction2010-09-01
277Director Wu received 74 elementary principles from Hu-Pei province to discuss quality school2010-09-01
278Director Wu received 28 teachers from TIANJIN to discuss elementary education and teacher continuing education2010-09-01
279Director Wu received 95junior high school principles from Hu-Pei province to discuss high quality school2010-09-01
280The 9th Urban Colorful Makeup Movement (The Face of Taipei City), 20102010-08-24