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NO.TitlePublish Date
281The Office processes job transfers applications for foreign labors2010-08-04
2822010 Taipei Healthy City & Asian Male Health Symposium2010-08-02
2832010 Taipei Healthy City & Asian Male Health Symposium2010-07-28
284Fresh and Clean Taipei City, Smoke Quitting Go!Go!Go!2010-07-02
285Features of Taipei City2010-06-07
286Movies for Free at Taipei Welfare Center for the Disabled on Weekend 2010-05-01~2010-9-252010-06-04
287World hypertension Day 2010 “Preventing Hypertension–Hiking Go! Go! Go!”2010-05-10
288World Hypertension Day 2010“Preventing Hypertension–Hiking Go!”2010-05-04
289“Smoke-free Taipei”4-week free quit-smoking medication program begins2010-05-04
290Taipei City Subsidizes Post-marital Pre-pregnancy Fertility Health Examination2010-05-03
29104/20 Noon_Schizophrenia: Novel Endophenotype Exploration / Heroin Dependence and Methadone Maintenance Program2010-04-15
292Family Cinema2010-04-01
293Taipei City Subsidizes Post-marital Pre-pregnancy Fertility Health Examination2010-04-01
294"Driving Safety Education Center" Opens in Taipei City- A Place to Learn How to Ride Bicycles ( Motorcycles) and Drive Safely2010-03-23
295The Taipei City Vehicle Inspection Agency Quota Enquiry System2010-03-23
296Ballroom Dancing Contest: Admission Ticket Giveaway (Supply Limited)2010-02-09
297Neihu District Office Nail Painting Class2010-02-09
298Events and Activities2010-02-04
299Free Health Check-up 2010-02-04
300Chinese Lessons for New Immigrants (Free of Charge!)2010-02-04