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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Recent Activities (12/9-12/15)2023-12-08
32024/3/3 Sun. 14:30 National Concert Hall【2024 TSO Master Series】Felix Mildenberger, Alexei Volodin & TSO2023-12-07
42024/3/16 Sat. 19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall Guangfu Auditorium【2024 TSO Indoor Salon】以俄傳耳2023-12-07
52024/3/17 Sun. 14:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall【2024 TSO Starlight Series】Po-Han Chen & TSO Wind Orchestra2023-12-07
62024/3/22 Fri.19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall【2024 TSO】Michał Nesterowicz, Olga Kern & TSO2023-12-07
72024/3/29 Fri.19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall【2024 TSO】Yoel Levi, Benjamin Beilman & TSO2023-12-07
82024/4/13 Sat 19:30 National Taichung Theater Grand Theater【2024 TSO】Ludovic Morlot, Maxim Vengerov & TSO2023-12-07
92024/4/17 Wed.19:30 National Concert Hall【2024 TSO】Ludovic Morlot, Maxim Vengerov & TSO2023-12-07
102024/4/26 Fri.19:30 Tainan Cultural Center【2024 TSO】Eliahu Inbal & Piotr Anderszewski2023-12-07
112024/5/11 Sat. 19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall【2024 TSO】Eliahu Inbal & Li-Wei Qin2023-12-07
122024/5/18 Sat. 19:30 National Concert Hall【2024 TSO】Eliahu Inbal & Hayato Sumino2023-12-07
132024/6/14 Fri. 19:30 National Concert Hall【2024 TSO】Eliahu Inbal & Josef Špaček2023-12-07
142024/4/28 Sun.19:30 National Concert Hall【2024 TSO】Eliahu Inbal & Piotr Anderszewski2023-12-07
152023/12/22 Fri. 19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall【2023 TSO Spotlight Series】Roger Chih-I Chiang and TSO Chamber Orchestra2023-12-07
16Pre-enlistment Briefing Schedule for Conscripted Men2023-12-01
17December 2023 The Announcement of theater schedule2023-11-29
18Latest Public Debt in October, 20232023-11-10
19Taipei Biennial 2023 "Small World"2023-11-02
20Taipei Art Awards 20232023-11-02