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1Terms and Conditions for Applications to the Taipei City Joint Wedding Ceremony2019-03-29
2How do I apply for an alteration of the directors and supervisors of religious legal foundation?2011-09-28
3How do foreign persons apply for religious studies in Taiwan?2011-09-28
4How do I apply for a permit for the establishment of a legal religious foundation?2010-09-28
5How do I apply for the use of the Taipei NGO Assembly Hall?2010-09-23
6Who should I talk to for legal advice? What are the office hours, location, contact number, and consultation methods for each district office?2010-09-23
7Flowchart for the Application for Naturalization in Marriages between Foreign Nationals and R.O.C. Citizens and Household Registration2010-09-14
8Q: I want to go to Wanhua District Office, how can I get there?2009-10-15
11Q:I want to go to District office, how can I get there?2009-07-20
12Q:How can I apply for school admission for my child? 2009-07-20
13Q:How do I pay the NHI premium?2009-07-20
14Q:I am an alien but don't work here. How can I join the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) in Taiwan? 2009-07-20
15Q: How do I pay the NHIP premium?2009-07-14
16Q: I am a foreigner residing in Taiwan. I would like to join the National Health Insurance Program ( NHIP ) but I am not employed right now. If I am qualified, how can I apply for it?2009-07-14
17Q: How can I apply for school admission for my children?2009-07-14
18Q: How can I get to the Beitou District Office?2009-07-14
19How are marriages between R.O.C. citizens and foreigners registered?2009-07-11
20How do ROC citizens and foreigners file for divorce?2008-07-16