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41Q: Is there any benefit from mediation? 2005-10-08
42Q: When will a duly aged male with Overseas Chinese identification be conscripted? 2005-10-08
43Q: What are the papers needed if a conscript wants to apply for a change in physical fitness status? 2005-10-08
44Q: I want to go abroad. What should I do? 2005-10-08
45Q: What if a male possesses Overseas Chinese identification and is unwilling to serve in the military, how long can he stay in Taiwan? 2005-10-08
46Q: What if a male possessing Overseas Chinese identification returns to study in the country. Is he restricted to a stay of no more than 4 months per entry? 2005-10-08
47Q: Will naturalized male citizens be drafted if they cannot speak Chinese? 2005-10-08
48Q: Can conscripts, who are naturalized Taiwan citizens, go abroad? 2005-10-08
49Q: If a man becomes a Taiwan citizen, when will he be drafted for military service? 2005-10-08
50Q: What is the procedure for drafting conscripts? 2005-10-08
51Q: There is a pothole on the road near my home, just before Number 15, Lane 23, Yongji Road, which may cause accidents. I hope the District office will send someone to fix it. 2005-10-08
52Q: When we find damage on the road or ditches, who should we call? 2005-10-08
53Q: There is a hole at the intersection of Zhuangjing Road and Wuxing Street. Please send somebody to fix it. 2005-10-08
54Q: What is the procedure to apply to reserve a community park? 2005-10-08
55Q: Is there a subsidy available for the unemployed or those unable to afford the NHI premium? 2005-10-08
56Q: Can a couple apply for NHI membership separately? 2005-10-08
57Q: I am going back to my home country. What should I do with my NHI Card?2005-10-08
58Q: I don't have an NHI IC Card. How can I get one? 2005-10-08
59Q: I lost my NHI IC card. How can I apply for a new one? 2005-10-08
60Q: How do I pay the NHI premium? 2005-10-08