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How do foreign persons apply for religious studies in Taiwan?

Please prepare the following documents and bring them to the local district office for the first review, which will then be transferred to the Department of Civil Affairs:

1.      The completed application form

2.      Copy of the registration or accreditation certificate of the religious group

3.      The relationship certificate between the religious group and the institute of religious studies, if the institute of religious studies is affiliated with the religious group

4.      Copy of an official letter from religious competent authorities regarding the religious group’s financial statement of the previous year

5.      Copies of certificates for routine maintenance of fire equipment in the premises of the institute of religious studies in the past year

6.      Agreement letters from the neighbors sharing the same building(s) with the institute, or the agreement letter from the building management committee

7.      Notices from the religious group or the institute of religious studies, and documents stating period of study, weekly courses and course hours

8.      Information on the foreigner(s)

9.      Reference letters from the foreigner’s affiliated religious group and copies of education certificates from high school or any higher degrees or certificates of religious studies since the earlier life stages, authenticated by the embassies, overseas offices, or consulates of the R.O.C., or other notary institutes authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Chinese translation of such certificate should be authenticated by the embassies or a public notary

10.  Certificates of financial support

11.  Affidavit of the guaranteed study period not exceeding the applied study period

12.  Total number of students applying for the religious studies and the list of foreign students

13.  Copies of the official letters from religious competent authorities regarding previous reviews of the applications (first-time applicants are exempt from this requirement)

14.  An electronic file and its printout of the list of the group applicants in this application (single applicant is exempt from this requirement)


One copy for each of the required documents should be submitted via mail, by a representative, or in person.