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NO.TitlePublish Date
1What is the rate and the working hour?2023-01-01
2Can work rules and labor-management conferences be declared via the internet?2022-07-14
3How can I obtain work rules examples and labor contract examples?2022-07-14
4When a dispute occurs between an employer and a foreign worker (white collar or blue collar), which agency can they contact to help mediate the dispute?2018-05-29
5The rights and obligations of foreign professionals working in Taiwan2018-05-29
6What are the alternatives that an employee can claim for when an employer does not recognize the certificate issued by an occupational and medicine specialist, even though it has specifically indicated that the injuries resulted from occupational disease?2014-06-13
7In the case of premature termination of the contract, if the contract holds that service must be performed throughout a certain period, does the worker need to compensate, or can the employer carry out wage garnishments at will?2014-04-11
8How do you apply for an employer-employee dispute settlement?2014-03-25
9How to apply for Taipei City workers' accident compensation?2014-02-20
10What are the prerequisites for applying grants by hiring disabled workers and the preparation of relevant documentations?2014-02-20
11What if we had already employed disabled workers but had never known about the grants, are we still eligible to trace back to the date of hiring in order for the application of grants?2014-02-20
12What is the minimum percentage requirement for hiring disabled workers?2014-02-20
13Will enterprises with more than 67 employees be fined for not hiring disabled workers?2014-02-20
14For how many employees hired will be deemed as "Organization's/institution's Liability"?2014-02-20
15How is the total deficiency payment being calculated and the payment methods?2014-02-20
16Where to obtain the information regarding visually-impaired massage center/station?2014-02-20
17Can foreigner workers sign up in respective vocational training programs and further training courses held by Taipei City Vocational Development Institute?2014-02-20
18Will Taipei City Vocational Development Institute provide employment opportunities to members after completion of the training program?2014-02-20
19What are the prerequisites? And the definition of "certain groups."2014-02-20
20How to apply for a vocational training?2014-02-20