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What are the required documents for the application of Taipei City workers' accident compensation?

The relevant document of workers’ accident compensation should be prepared as follows:

1. The application form
2. A copy of current household residence within 3 months’ time.
3. Relevant material and certification of labor insurance of the insured, or identification proof as a labor; for workers who do not register household residence in the ROC region, please attach your passport and a letter of working permit.
4. A certificate of occupational accident issued by your work unit or other documentations that can prove of your work injuries.
5. A confirmation letter of labor insurance of occupational accident regarding disability benefit issued by the Bureau of Labor Insurance, Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan; or a proven disability medical diagnosis letter issued by hospitals/clinics recognized by National health insurance (NHI).
6. Declaration of no duplication claim
The attorney should attach a death certification, and a documentation to proof of identity other than stated provisions of 1 to 4 and 6 above.

The attorney whose household residence is not in ROC region, the documents to proof of its identity shall be authenticated by the following units:

1. For the documentations made from overseas, shall be authenticated by embassies, representatives or offices of Taiwan or other institutions being authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; documentations made or institutions being authorized by foreign embassies situated in Taiwan, shall all be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2. For the documentations made in Mainland China, shall be authenticated by institutions established or non-governmental organizations appointed by the Executive Yuen.
3. For the documentations made in Hong Kong or Macau, shall be authenticated by institutions established or non-governmental organizations appointed by the Executive Yuen. If the documentations were in foreign languages, its Chinese version shall be attached together with a proof of authentication by units stated above or by a public notary.

For the application form, please download from the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office’s website via https://fd.gov.taipei/(Chinese)

Contact division:
Occupational Health and Safety Division, Department of Labor, Taipei City Government
Representatives: Zheng-Feng Lee
Phone: (02) 2720-8889 extension 7022