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What are the prerequisites? And the definition of "certain groups."

1.Two of the following must all be met in order to be eligible for signing up:
(1) domestic college and university students who are currently in grade 1 and above or five-year junior college students currently in grade 4 and above or two-year and four-year vocational college students currently in grade 1 and above. (Graduates, postponed graduates, night college students, weekend continuing education students, and postgraduates are not included);
(2) one of the applicant's parents, or the applicant itself, has registered as a household resident in Taipei City for over four months.
2.There are eight "certain groups" identified:
the child/children of the single income families, the child/children of aging unemployed parents, the child/children of the handicapped with unemployed parents, aboriginal children of the unemployed parents, families receiving subventions, students with disabilities, aboriginal students and the child/children of long-term unemployed parents. Relevant documents required to submit and information will be provided in the pamphlets and will be announced annually on our official website.