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How to apply for a vocational training?

1. Involuntary resignation under Employment Insurance Act:
When the company (insured unit) faced with plant closing, relocation, shutting down, dissolution, bankruptcy declaration or according to Articles 11, 13 (shall apply mutatis mutandis) and 20 regarding involuntary resignation of the Labor Standards Act; insured who left the job involuntary at the end of fixed contractual period and being unemployed over a month within one year after resignation, with the contractual period must be over six months, shall be deemed as involuntary resignation.
(1) Submit a photocopy with a termination proof of job resignation (shall specify the reasons for resignation, resignation date, the company's insurance card number and official stamp) or a fixed-term contract documentation (the fixed-term contract's start and end date should be explicitly stated).
(2) A copy of National ID Card
(3) A copy of the cover page of the passbook of yours
(4) A copy of the household registration pamphlet or original household registration pamphlet (For applying dependency allowances, the documents must be attached at the beginning of the application process)
After submitting the above documents to our Employment Service Section for applying vocational training and job referral, please bring the “job referral form”, the "Employment insurance benefits, vocational training, and living allowance application form” , and “payment receipt" to the training units for processing registration. After being nominated for an interview, the applicant can start applying jobs from the training unit provider.
2. Under Article 24 of a specific person in the Employment Services Act, citizens can register at the vocational training unit without visiting the Employment Service Station. Please attach the following with your application:
(1) A photocopy of both sides of your National Identity Card
(2) The labor insurance form who is being insured
(3) Documents to proof of your “specific” identity