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101What to do if the gas pipeline is damaged due to carelessness in sewage pipeline work?2021-11-24
102Where to put the steel cylinder (gas cylinder) and what are the essential things to check?2021-11-24
103How to report a case where a gas merchant illegally parks trucks loaded with gas cylinders, which causes danger to the public?2021-11-24
104How to resolve the “tank deposit” refund issue which occurs prior to signing the “Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supply Adhesion Contract”?2021-11-24
105How to report a case of suspicion of the gas merchant overstocking?2021-11-24
106What if the inspection date on the gas tank of the gas merchant has expired?2021-11-24
107What are the things to note when purchasing liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas) tanks?2021-11-24
108What are the things to note before using gas? What are the measures to take when the gas pipeline leaks?2021-11-24
109How to deal with an exploded transformer or an electrical wire that falls on to the ground?2021-11-24
110How frequently should the wires at home be inspected? Who to contact for inspection? How to inspect?2021-11-24
111What number shall I dial for weather service?2021-11-24
112What are the things to note for disaster prevention when using incandescent ligt bulbs?2021-11-24
113When and where are water activities prohibited?2021-11-24
114Can I pay the ambulance fee and ask to be transferred to a designated hospital?2021-11-24
115Can foreigners set up solely foreign-owned enterprises in Taiwan?2021-11-12
116【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】How do social contribution activities increase the amount of subsidy and the chance of winning subsidy?2021-10-19
117What are the limitations on those who bring animals into stations or trains?2021-09-15
118In the case of a one-person company, do I need to apply for labor and health insurance?2021-09-07
119【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】Can I list online advertising fee as outsourcing expenses?2021-08-20
120【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】Can the host of the subsidy program be included in the personnel expenses?2021-07-20