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81What should I do while finding a blocked or overflow sewer outside my house?2023-05-01
82What is a sewerage system?2023-05-01
83Is my house connected to the sewerage system?2023-05-01
84What are the time, location, and process that recycled water provided to public at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? Do you need to apply in advance? Is there any fee for the application?2023-05-01
85What is the source of recycled water at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2023-05-01
86How much recycled water is produced a day at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? How much of it can be provided to public?2023-05-01
87What is the purpose of recycled water that being produced from the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant? Is it safe for human usage?2023-05-01
88How is the quality control of recycled water at Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant?2023-05-01
89Does the zoo provide drinking water? Are there water fountains? Where are they located?2023-03-08
90How many nursing rooms are there at the zoo? Where are diaper changing tables located?2023-03-07
91Does the zoo have restrooms for the disabled?2023-03-06
92Why aren't pets allowed in the zoo?2023-03-05
93Why are there so many little black mosquitoes at the zoo? Are there preventative measures?2023-03-04
94What should I do if I lose something at the zoo?2023-03-04
95What should I do if I find something at the zoo?2023-03-03
96What are the exhibition dates for the fountain at the entrance plaza?2023-03-02
97【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】Can I list my employee of company as consultant for grant?2023-02-13
98Are foreign subsidiaries qualified to apply for SITI? 2023-01-12
99Taipei City Financial Assistance for Protection Services2023-01-04
100What is the rate and the working hour?2023-01-01