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81What are the things to note to avoid being attacked by bees?2021-11-24
82Could drivers who give way to fire engines or ambulances request the Fire Department to provide information on duty or dispatch in order to cancel any relevant traffic fines?2021-11-24
83What qualifications are required to assist the city’s rescue workers?2021-11-24
84What qualifications are required to join volunteer firefighters?2021-11-24
85How to use AED?2021-11-24
86Is there any CPR or AED training provided?2021-11-24
87When purchasing a house and wish to know if there were people who died in it, is it possible to check if there were medical reports when no police report is found?2021-11-24
88How to request proof of emergency medical service for the purpose of insurance claims?2021-11-24
89What are the appropriate measures to take if one encounters a person who intends to commit suicide?2021-11-24
90Who are the targeted emergency rescue victims of 119 ambulances?2021-11-24
91What qualifications are required to join the ambulance volunteer?2021-11-24
92How to deal with an onset of epileptic seizure?2021-11-24
93How to deal with drowning?2021-11-24
94How to deal with traffic accident injury?2021-11-24
95Is an ambulance run chargeable?2021-11-24
96How to deal with poisoning?2021-11-24
97How to deal with snake bite?2021-11-24
98What are the proper ways of using electrical appliances to prevent accidents from happening?2021-11-24
99What are the immediate treatments for chemical burns?2021-11-24
100How can I find out the causes of fire in my house (or car)?2021-11-24