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41What is the compensation provided for a legal building under the “Taipei City Handling Public Construction Removal Compensation and Autonomous Ordinance”?2020-06-02
42For buildings vacated and handed over within the time limit, what incentives are provided under the “Taipei City Handling Public Construction Removal Compensation and Autonomous Ordinance”?2020-06-02
43Assuming that an owner of a legal building has a single-storage house of a reinforced brick structure of 100 square meters (approximately 30.25 pings), if such owner reaches an agreement with the city government and such structure is vacated and handed over to the city government within the time limit, what is the removal compensation fee that the owner can receive? (Excluding the settlement fee of NT$ 900,000 and the people relocation fee)2020-06-02
44What are the consultation time, telephone numbers and items for the “Taipei City Engineers and Experts Consultation Team” and “Taipei City Soil and Water Conservation Service Team”?2020-06-01
45If there is a doubt in the tendering content provided by the tendering agency, what is the recommended method to request for clarification?2020-06-01
46After an objection to the tendering content provided by the tendering agency is filed in writing, how will the agency handle such objection?2020-06-01
47Our company has great products and would like to submit proposal for our products, which unit shall our company contact?2020-06-01
48Our company plans to participate in the procurement tendering of certain agency. What channels are available for us to understand government procurement related tender announcements?2020-06-01
49I would like to understand relevant laws of Taipei City government procurement and procurement tendering documents. Where should I inquire such information? Are there any electronic files for download?2020-06-01
50If I have structural safety, building water leakage and soil/water conservation related engineering technical problem, will the city government assign professional technical personnel to provide improvement opinions?2020-06-01
51XX public construction is causing hazards to the environmental ecology, residential quietness, traffic or public safety?2020-06-01
52XX public construction progress is slow?2020-06-01
53XX public construction quality is poor and progress is slow?2020-06-01
54How to get to the WenShan Theater, TAPO?2020-05-27
55Quarantine Hotels FAQ2020-05-26
56Do I need to attach the attendance record to verify the personnel expenses of the SITI?2020-05-20
57What are the qualifications and conditions for bidding a private land reserved for public facilities using Building Bulk Cash Fund (payments for obtaining floor area ratio)?2020-05-12
58If some expenses are lack of budgets, could we transfer to other expenses?2020-04-22
59Does the company registered in Co-working space need an individual house number to apply for the SITI?2020-03-18
60Where is the location of the Taipei Metro Souvenir Shop?2020-03-13