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Taipei City Goverment


NO.TitlePublish Date
41Military Registration Investigation: What is a "male conscript"? At what age is conscription age? How is the "age of military service" calculated?2018-04-17
42Military Registration Investigation: What is a Military Registration Investigation? When does it start? How to take it?2018-04-17
43Military Registration Investigation: Do male conscripts who are still studying need to participate in the military registration investigation?2018-04-17
44What is the lean management? How does it work? 2018-03-01
45What kind of services do Taipei Visitor Information Centers provide?2018-03-01
46How many Visitor Information Centers are there in Taipei and where are they located?2018-03-01
47Can I pay traffic fines at a counter by credit card?2017-11-07
48What aspects were covered in the financial statement of Taipei Municipal Government for 2016 fiscal year (FY)?2017-10-19
49If all the staff are foreigners, could their salaries be subsidized?2017-10-13
50How to file a patent?2017-09-08
51What is the application fee for the groundwater right?2017-09-08
52When can the company start to apply for the startup subsidy?2017-08-24
53Is the price of Liquid Petroleum Gas set by the government? Is there a flat price for Liquid Petroleum Gas?2017-08-09
54How can I book a Feitsui Reservoir tour or the Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Learning Center Programs?2017-08-01
55How does one gain access to business registration when it comes to online marketing and salesmanship?2017-07-07
56What should you do if failing to meet the standards of Hot Spring Test? 2017-07-04
572017 Taipei Arts Festival FAQ2017-06-29
582017 Taipei Film Festival FAQ2017-06-29
59Where is the location of the Taipei Metro Souvenir Shop?2017-06-13
60If we want to apply the startup subsidy for 1M NTD, should we prepare our own 1M NTD in advance?2017-06-06