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Taipei City Goverment


NO.TitlePublish Date
41Studying in the mainland: “How do male conscripts, who are receiving formal education in mainland universities and departments recognized by our Ministry of Education, apply for exiting the country, after returning to Taiwan? To which authority must the application be forwarded to? Is there any form to be filled? Is there any processing time limit?”2018-04-17
42 Leaving the country for educational reasons: "Are male conscripts who have not been exempted of military service still required to return to the country to perform their military service after they have completed their studies? How do the military units handle their subsequent military service?"2018-04-17
43Military Registration Investigation: What is a "male conscript"? At what age is conscription age? How is the "age of military service" calculated?2018-04-17
44Military Registration Investigation: What is a Military Registration Investigation? When does it start? How to take it?2018-04-17
45Military Registration Investigation: Do male conscripts who are still studying need to participate in the military registration investigation?2018-04-17
46What is the lean management? How does it work? 2018-03-01
47What kind of services do Taipei Visitor Information Centers provide?2018-03-01
48How many Visitor Information Centers are there in Taipei and where are they located?2018-03-01
49Can I pay traffic fines at a counter by credit card?2017-11-07
50What aspects were covered in the financial statement of Taipei Municipal Government for 2016 fiscal year (FY)?2017-10-19
51If all the staff are foreigners, could their salaries be subsidized?2017-10-13
52How to file a patent?2017-09-08
53What is the application fee for the groundwater right?2017-09-08
54When can the company start to apply for the startup subsidy?2017-08-24
55Is the price of Liquid Petroleum Gas set by the government? Is there a flat price for Liquid Petroleum Gas?2017-08-09
56How can I book a Feitsui Reservoir tour or the Feitsui Reservoir Environmental Learning Center Programs?2017-08-01
57How does one gain access to business registration when it comes to online marketing and salesmanship?2017-07-07
58What should you do if failing to meet the standards of Hot Spring Test? 2017-07-04
592017 Taipei Arts Festival FAQ2017-06-29
602017 Taipei Film Festival FAQ2017-06-29