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61Do I need to attach the attendance record to verify the personnel expenses of the SITI?2020-05-20
62If some expenses are lack of budgets, could we transfer to other expenses?2020-04-22
63Does the company registered in Co-working space need an individual house number to apply for the SITI?2020-03-18
64Where is the location of the Taipei Metro Souvenir Shop?2020-03-13
65What methods are available for urban renewal?2020-03-11
66What should I do when the dog owner does not pick up their dog’s poop or the dog is not leashed?2020-02-17
67Things to do for dogs and cats.2020-02-17
68What should I do when I find animal is injured or trapped?2020-02-17
69How can I rent the 4th floor Conference Room of TAPO?2020-02-13
70How do I get to the DaDaoCheng Theater by bus?2020-02-13
71How can I check for space availability and charges for the WenShan Theater?2020-02-13
72Where can I get free tickets for TAPO complimentary performances?2020-02-13
73How can I check TAPO's daily performance schedule and ticket information?2020-02-13
74What’s on the performance schedules (for The Metropolitan Hall of TAPO)?2020-02-13
75How are the fee charged for the use of the Metropolitan Hall of TAPO?2020-02-13
76What are the bus/metro fares charged on different types of Electronic Tickets?2020-02-01
77What are the different avenues for learning the Hakka dialect?2020-01-29
78What are the addresses and opening hours of the different Hakka centers and cultural halls?2020-01-29
79How to become a shift volunteer of the Hakka Affairs Commission? What are the qualifications to apply for the position?2020-01-29
80What is the nature and content of the work of the volunteers in the Hakka Affairs Commission? What are the different shifts?2020-01-29