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NO.TitlePublish Date
41City Governance Forum with Deputy Mayor Huang and Trainees of the Long-term Management Program2022-01-14
42New Year’s couplets are brushed in Taipei Confucius Temple. Square scrolls and red envelopes create atmosphere of Lunar New Year. Print good fortune on January 15, 2022.2022-01-11
43Taipei City’s Post-pandemic Innovation with Gyeonggido2021-11-08
44Department of Civil Servant Development of the Taipei City Government introducing the second session of the Trends Forum in 2021 -- “Design Driving Three Innovations" as the innovation strategy actions of the public-private collaboration2021-09-09
45Department of Civil Servant Development’s Volunteer Service Regular Meeting 2021 Successfully Completed2021-05-17
462021 First “Trends Forum” Under the Theme of “Diversity Inclusion, Innovation Taipei” by the Department of Civil Servant Development Took Place on April 6th2021-05-04
47The Civil Service Training Office's "Long-Term Management Shifts Municipal Symposium" in the Second-Half of 2020--The Design of Public-Centered Municipal E-Services2020-12-24
48Department of Civil Servant Development of Taipei City Government introduced the second session of the Trends Forum – “Local Transformation x Create Future – From Market Renovation, Business District Transformation to Industry Innovation”2020-12-15
49Department of Civil Servant Development, Taipei City Government Post-Pandemic Digital Transformation & Service Innovation ~ Stimulating City Transformation and Creating Unlimited Possibilities2020-11-10
50The Tour to Greater Taipei Area Water Resource date announcement2020-09-09
52The 2020 "Volunteer Conference" of the Department of Civil Servant Development ended successfully and in gratitude!2020-05-14
53Epidemic prevention workshop2020-04-21
54Starting April. 9th, it is MANDATORY to wear a mask when entering Taipei City Hall and all administrative offices. Thank you!2020-04-03
55Municipal Services Plus Series Activities - "Long-Term Municipal Administration Class Forum" -- A face-to-face exchange between our management-level colleagues and the Deputy Mayor HUANG Shan-Shan2020-01-14
562019 Land Value Tax collection begins in November2019-10-29
57The Gyeonggi Province public servants visit Taipei for the first time to 2 weeks of exchange and training2019-01-08
58Demonstrate the LEAN management results from the inside out.2018-12-27
59Pilgrimage of Hometown of Taipei Tap Water Closed Successfully2018-11-02
602018, Department of Civil Servant Development, Taipei City Government, held the “City Government Optimization – Management Innovation” Management Training Results Meeting.2018-07-16