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161What are the appropriate measures to take if one encounters a person who intends to commit suicide?2021-11-24
162Who are the targeted emergency rescue victims of 119 ambulances?2021-11-24
163What qualifications are required to join the ambulance volunteer?2021-11-24
164How to deal with an onset of epileptic seizure?2021-11-24
165How to deal with drowning?2021-11-24
166How to deal with traffic accident injury?2021-11-24
167Is an ambulance run chargeable?2021-11-24
168How to deal with poisoning?2021-11-24
169How to deal with snake bite?2021-11-24
170What are the proper ways of using electrical appliances to prevent accidents from happening?2021-11-24
171What are the immediate treatments for chemical burns?2021-11-24
172How can I find out the causes of fire in my house (or car)?2021-11-24
173Is it permissible to start a fire or release lanterns on a field?2021-11-24
174Information on subsidized installation of residential fire alarms?2021-11-24
175With regard to the periodic fire safety inspection of high-rise residential buildings, can we apply to the Fire City Department for the inspection?2021-11-24
176What is a home fire alarm? Why should it be installed? What is the price? How to use it? How to maintain it?2021-11-24
177What are the things to note for fire prevention in a general household?2021-11-24
178How to escape in case of fire?2021-11-24
179How to use a hydrant?2021-11-24
180Where to search for the premises with major non-compliance with fire safety inspection?2021-11-24