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121Are there requirements for enrolling in “Citizens’ Free Digital Courses”?2023-12-01
122Does “Citizens’ Free Digital Courses” offer online classes?2023-11-30
123What are the recommended specs for TaipeiPASS app? What are my choices for mobile device?2023-11-10
124What is TaipeiPASS?2023-11-10
125How many tries do I get to logon to my TaipeiPASS account before the system locks me out? How do I unlock a disabled account?2023-11-10
126What are the benefits of TaipeiPASS membership?2023-11-10
127How can I apply for TaipeiPASS membership?2023-11-03
128Can foreign nationals apply for TaipeiPASS accounts?2023-11-03
129How many TaipeiPASS gold memberships can one person have?2023-11-03
130How do you use TaipeiPASS coupons?2023-11-03
131When I apply for TaipeiPASS membership, it says that the account already exist. What can I do?2023-11-03
132What should I do if I can’t update my TaipeiPASS app?2023-11-03
133What is the gender ratio of Taipei City Government employees, and has there been any significant change in the past 10 years?2023-11-03
134What benefits does Taipei City Government provide to its employees?2023-11-03
135How does Taipei City Government incentivize outstanding employees?2023-11-03
136Taipei City Government Employee Work Schedule Regulations2023-11-03
137【Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry】I want to set a booth in the department store. Can I apply grant for booth as venue rental?2023-10-06
138What is the retention schedule for personal data and case information regarding the petitions & dispatches received through the “Taipei City Petition System,” “TaipeiPASS app,” or “1999 Taipei City Hotline”?2023-09-15
139Poster Submission and Locations2023-09-05
140About the TSO School Concert2023-09-05