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NO.TitlePublish Date
181Our company has great products and would like to submit proposal for our products, which unit shall our company contact?2020-06-01
182Our company plans to participate in the procurement tendering of certain agency. What channels are available for us to understand government procurement related tender announcements?2020-06-01
183I would like to understand relevant laws of Taipei City government procurement and procurement tendering documents. Where should I inquire such information? Are there any electronic files for download?2020-06-01
184If I have structural safety, building water leakage and soil/water conservation related engineering technical problem, will the city government assign professional technical personnel to provide improvement opinions?2020-06-01
185XX public construction is causing hazards to the environmental ecology, residential quietness, traffic or public safety?2020-06-01
186XX public construction progress is slow?2020-06-01
187XX public construction quality is poor and progress is slow?2020-06-01
188How to get to the WenShan Theater, TAPO?2020-05-27
189Do I need to attach the attendance record to verify the personnel expenses of the SITI?2020-05-20
190If some expenses are lack of budgets, could we transfer to other expenses?2020-04-22
191Does the company registered in Co-working space need an individual house number to apply for the SITI?2020-03-18
192What methods are available for urban renewal?2020-03-11
193What should I do when the dog owner does not pick up their dog’s poop or the dog is not leashed?2020-02-17
194Things to do for dogs and cats.2020-02-17
195What should I do when I find animal is injured or trapped?2020-02-17
196How do I get to the DaDaoCheng Theater by bus?2020-02-13
197How can I check for space availability and charges for the WenShan Theater?2020-02-13
198Where can I get free tickets for TAPO complimentary performances?2020-02-13
199How can I check TAPO's daily performance schedule and ticket information?2020-02-13
200What’s on the performance schedules (for The Metropolitan Hall of TAPO)?2020-02-13