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What are the collections found at the Taipei City Hakka Library and Video Center?

The Library and Video Center is dedicated to Taiwan’s “Hakka cultural relics”,  “Hakka village cultural resources”, “books and literature”, and " Video materials”. It brings together the power of the government, the academe, the industry, and the civil society to record, store, and develop various forms of digital learning. Since it opened, it has had a collection of 8,735 books, DVDs, VCDs and more than 200 e-books.
To let the people know about the library’s collection, the B1 collection tries to present the various Hakka images in a fun and interesting way. This makes it enticing for the citizens to learn more about Hakka and its history as well as makes it more convenient to view the different categories of the library collection. The contents of which include: history and geography (Hakka architecture), audio-visual, social sciences (costumes, folk songs), applied science (medicine, cuisine), natural sciences, fine arts (shadow play, drama), history and geography (Western), Liu-dui, hundred family surnames, religions (kings of three mountains, Yimin Ye, Baosheng Dadi), essays, philosophy (child development, psychology), general category, and language (Hakka proverbs).
If you have any questions, please contact the First Section at (02) 2702-6141 ext. 211.