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How to apply for subsidies for the “Taipei City Hakka Culture and Language Related Study Project for Individuals or Groups”?

1. Application Qualifications:
1-1. Individual: A citizen who is at least 20 years of age, capable, and resides in Taipei City (hereinafter referred to as “the City”).
1-2. Group: The legal person or non-corporate body registered in the City.
2. Application Period: The relevant implementation plan will be announced on the website of the HAC at the beginning of each year.
3. Application Method:
3-1. Each applicant shall submit the following documents by registered mail or in person to the HAC within the application period:
(1) For individuals, they should attach their ID cards, application forms, teacher's appointment letter, a study/research plan and other explanatory materials. (Qualified teachers of Hakka certified study courses should attach their intermediate-high Hakka language certification and Hakka language teacher certificate (may be sent with the electronic copy, if available) and send them to the HAC within the prescribed period, submissions outside of the deadline will not be accepted.
(2) If the applicant is a group, in addition to submitting the group’s filing or registration certificate, election certificate of the person-in-charge or other relevant documents, the articles of and basic information about the organization must also be submitted; the application procedures are the same as those of the preceding paragraph.  
(3) Applications will no longer be accepted if the subsidies for the above application cases have been used up.
3-2. The contents of the proposal shall include the project name, purpose, date, location, research content, implementation method, schedule, classes (specify the schedules of the internally and externally recruited teachers), student names, source of funds, fund appropriation, expected benefits, etc. Please use A4 paper in portrait format in making the proposal.
3-3. The application form submitted by each unit must specify all expenses involved, the items and amount applied for with our Commission. If the unit has also applied for subsidies with other government agencies or commissioned other similar plans, it must list the organizations it has applied subsidies to or any commissioned projects and amount.
3-4. For incomplete application forms, the applicant will be asked to make a one-time revision within the prescribed period; if the applicant fails to make the necessary revisions within the prescribed period, the application shall not be accepted by the HAC.  
4. For details and rules on other subsidies, please refer to the “Taipei City Hakka Culture and Language Related Study Project for Individuals or Groups”; if you have any questions, please contact the Second Section at (02) 2702-6141 ext. 221.