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Is it required to give contact information and the real name when filing inquiries/complaints? Is it possible for the personal identifiable information provided to be leaked?

1. The Instruction for the Taipei City Government and Affiliating Agencies for Processing Complaints indicate that inquiries or complaints filed in writing, including emails and faxes, shall have clear description of the issue, the filing person’s real name and contact information. Cases will not be processed if any of the aforementioned items is not provided. The instruction will be distributed to all agencies of the Taipei City Government.
2. If the inquiries/complaints include confidential information, the responsible agencies shall process them in accordance with the privacy measurement prescribed in the Taipei City Government Implementation Guidelines for Document Processing to ensure the confidentiality of the filing content and the person’s identification. All the procedures involved, such as production, transmission, storage, etc., shall follow the measurement for the processing of confidential document.