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1What are the major benefits of urban renewal?2020-07-30
2What methods are available for urban renewal?2020-03-11
3What is urban renewal?2020-01-24
4Please brief us on the content of “The principle for The Priority of Inspections on Illegal Outdoor Advertising by the Taipei City Government” and corresponding penalties.2013-10-02
5How can I report an illegal outdoor advertising? Which channels can I submit my report through?2013-10-02
6Will the Taipei City Government commence inspections on all current advertising per “The principle for The Priority of Inspections on Illegal Outdoor Advertising by Taipei City Government”?2013-10-02
7May I report an advertising signboard fixed on my wall by downstairs neighbors?2013-10-02
8Do I need submit an application in order to set up an outdoor advertising signboard?2013-10-02
9Taipei City Old Building Inspection FAQ2013-10-02
10What does “Sea-Sand Building” refer to?2013-10-02
11How can I avoid purchasing Sea-Sand Buildings and Radioactive Buildings?2013-10-02
12How should one cope with the excessive noise from ongoing constructions?2009-09-15
13What information of housing purchase does Construction Management Office provide? (Housing purchase service hotline: 1999(For callers outside of Taipei City, please dial 02-27208889) ext. 8383 )2009-09-14
14Do I need to submit an application if I want to change walls or ceilings? How can I apply for?2009-09-13
15Where can I get more information on interior decoration?2009-09-12
16How are apartment building statutes drafted?2009-09-11
17How do I apply an apartment building organization report?2009-09-10
18How can I find out if the proprietor of the building I am residing in has filed for a declaration with the Municipal Government?2009-09-08
19How do I apply for odd land mediation?2009-09-07
20How should I mediate odd lands between owners in private?2009-09-06