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Please brief us on the content of “The principle for The Priority of Inspections on Illegal Outdoor Advertising by the Taipei City Government” and corresponding penalties.

7 types of illegal outdoor advertising are listed in the priority list for inspections interfering with public safety, public transportations, and city appearance:

(1) Outdoor advertising in the areas of Urban Land Readjustment and Land expropriation undertaken by urban design reviews or outdoor advertising beautification.

(2) Advertising objects subjected to miscellaneous license applications.

(3) Outdoor advertising structures and signboards jeopardizing public safety and fire protection.

(4) Abandoned outdoor advertising interfering with city appearance and public transportation or advertising out of specification.

(5) Outdoor advertising text or graphic contents interfering with public order or social customs.

(6) Outdoor advertising erected on rooftops.

(7) Outdoor advertising which violates regulations, as reported by property owners or community management committees.

Most of these 7 types of illegal advertising interfere with public safety, public transportation, and city appearance; therefore any advertising identified as any of the 7 types will be notified for make-up applications or removal within 20 days of notice; or alternatively fined NTD 40,000 with forced removal. Other illegal outdoor advertising not mentioned above will be photographed and listed for inspection in sequence.