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21What should I do if I want to set up a new fence on the vacant lot of a building?2009-09-05
22Can I place seats or run businesses in arcades?2009-09-04
23What should I do if my house is damaged by new construction projects nearby?2009-09-03
24What should I do if I encounter a breach of contract during the purchase of pre-sale house?2009-09-02
25Do I have to apply for a license to install capping without walls on the roof of an old building to prevent water leakage? If so, how do I apply for one?2009-09-01
26What constitutes the main work of the urban planning commission?2009-07-09
27What is the membership of Taipei Urban Planning Commission comprised?2009-07-09
28How long can members of Taipei Urban Planning Commission serve and can one’s term of office be renewed?2009-07-09
29What procedures does the urban planning commission adopt upon receiving new cases?2009-07-09
30How can one convey one’s opinions to the urban planning commission via the internet?2009-07-09
31How will the urban planning commission deal with the suggestions it receives?2009-07-09
32Can an ordinary citizen audit an urban planning commission members’ meeting?2009-07-09
33How can I obtain a new Taipei City map?2005-06-14
34What is “Neighborhood Improvement Program”?2005-06-14
35What is“Community Planner”? What can they do for me?2005-06-14
36How does Taipei City control its urban design?2005-06-07
37What plans and measures are implemented to develop the modern Taipei sub-center, the Xinyi Planning District?2005-06-07
38How does Taipei City establish and manage its urban design system? What are the accomplishments?2005-06-07
39What are the focuses and the accomplishment of urban design in Taipei City?2005-06-07
40What are the urban redevelopment policies and major work in Taipei City?2005-05-27