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Taipei City Old Building Inspection FAQ

Q: Who is eligible for subsidies via the Old Building Inspection Program?
A: Any licensed congregate housing building three stories high and above that is over 30-years-old (based on the issue date of the Building Use Permit), with more than half the units for residential use. However, if the whole building is in one single property owner’s possession, if it is undergoing any urban renewal process, announced as a high chloride ion contented concrete building, or an application for building license has already been submitted, no subsidy will be granted.

Q: What are the applicant qualifications for Old Building Inspection?
A: The community management committee should submit an application to the Taipei City Government with relevant documents. Should there be no such organization for the building, a representative authorized by over half of the residents may submit the application, along with Letters of Authorization, Copy of Building Ownership Certificate or Building Registration Transcription.

Q: What is the application and processing protocol for the Old Building Inspection Program?
A: Please visit the Taipei City Construction Management Office website to download the application form from “Old Building Inspection Program” page. Submit the completed written application forms to the Department of Urban Development or Construction Management Office of Taipei City Government to be proceeded on a first come first served basis (according to sequence of applications filed). Once prerequisite conditions are confirmed, the application will be allocated to the authorized inspection organization for the following procedures. For information about inspection organizations, please visit the “Old Building Inspection Program” page on the Taipei City Construction Management Office website. (Announcement of authorized inspection organizations will be posted around Sep. 24th 2013.)

Q: Application period for Old Building Inspection Program?
A: In 2013, the pilot program will accept 100 applications during the application period from October 1st to November 10th 2013. Another 200 applications will be accepted in 2014 for those who were not able to submit applications by November 10th this year.

Q: What inspection categories are included in Old Building Inspection Program?
A: There are 5 main categories for the Old Building Inspection Program, including: structure, fire protection, evacuation, facility and external walls. Inspection results are marked in five grades ranging from Excellent (A), Good (B), Fair (C), Poor (D) to Extremely Poor (E). For items rated Grade D or E, the Inspection Organizations will then make specific suggestions for improvement.

Q: How much is the Old Building Inspection Program subsidy?
A: The subsidy will be calculated using the number of applicant households. Each application will be granted a subsidy varying from NTD $15,000 to $30 000, paid directly to inspection organizations by the Taipei City Government.