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21When Nanshen Floodgate is closed, how shall vehicle drivers change routes?2022-05-24
22How shall we obtain messages about when Nanshen Floodgate will be closed in flood season or in time of an imminent typhoon?2022-05-24
23When will Nanshen Floodgate be re-opened after being closed due to a typhoon or heavy rain?2022-05-24
24Why are midnights in the flood season selected to be the time for test runs of the Nanshen Floodgate?2022-05-24
25What is the timing to shut Nanshen Floodgate?2022-05-24
26Why is it necessary to test the opening and closing operation of Nanshen Floodgate?2022-05-24
27Where is Nanshen Floodgate located?2022-05-24
28What are the places opened for public graffiti in riverside parks in Taipei?2022-05-24
29Where in the Taipei City riverside parks are low-altitude fireworks and firecrackers allowed on ordinary days or festivals?2022-05-24
30Where in Taipei City riverside parks are barbecues allowed?2022-05-24
31Are there public bikeways in riverside parks at present?2022-05-24
32When will water spray at the “Hope Fountain”?2022-05-24
33Where are the 29 riverside parks located? What are their main facilities?2022-05-24
34What is the timing for opening and closing of evacuation gates during a typhoon or heavy rain?2022-05-24
35During a typhoon or heavy rain, what are the penalties for vehicles left outside the levees?2022-05-24
36During a typhoon or heavy rain, how would vehicles left outside the levees be handled?2022-05-24
37To which departments should unclean public toilets in riverside parks be reported?2022-05-23
38How to get the Taipei City Cycling Map?2022-05-23
39When are the service hours of riverside bike rental stations?2022-05-23
40How to rent a riverside bike?2022-05-23