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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Recent Activities (9/23-9/29)2023-09-21
2Latest Public Debt in August, 20232023-09-08
3Pre-enlistment Briefing Schedule for Conscripted Men2023-08-31
4The United States Bureau of Land Management emphasizes both land conservation and public property management, making it a noteworthy model for consideration.2023-08-30
5September 2023 The Announcement of theater schedule2023-08-29
6DOF visited Kima Office, National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance, and Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc., exchanging ideas on property management and professional knowledge of tobacco and alcohol.2023-08-10
7DOF visited Kinmen Country Government, Kinmen Offshore Flotilla, and Jinning Township Village Administration with fruitful results.2023-08-09
8Active Archives I—The Mighty Image: Photos from the Independence Post, 1985-1994 2023-08-02
9Scheduled Guided Tours│Keeping to My Path: A Retrospective of Ka Tokurai 2023-08-02
10A One and A Two: Edward Yang Retrospective2023-08-02
11Keeping to My Path: A Retrospective of Ka Tokurai2023-08-02
12« CdV » - Jao Chia-En Solo Exhibition2023-08-02
13Punishment 2030: Yi-Shan Shih Solo Exhibition2023-08-02
14The Last Man, the Vietnamese soldier, the Tourist, A-Yuan, the Hunter and the Flâneur2023-08-02
15Without Composing:Yung-Ta Chang Solo Exhibition2023-08-02
16TCSSLS Promoted Secured Small Loans Business in the Taipei Waterfront Dragon Boat Carnival, Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival with the Public2023-06-26
172023/11/4 Sat. 19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall【2023 TSO 】TSO Chorus 30th Anniversary Concert2023-06-14
182023/12/1 Fri. 19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall【2023 TSO Master Series】Yi-Chen Lin, Sarah Wegener & TSO2023-06-14
192023/12/9 Sat. 19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall【2023 TSO Master Series】Ion Marin, Haochen Zhang & TSO2023-06-14
202023/12/22 Fri. 19:30 Taipei Zhongshan Hall【2023 TSO Spotlight Series】Roger Chih-I Chiang and TSO Chamber Orchestra2023-06-14