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What are the differences of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), the Taipei City Government (TCG), and that of the Executive Yuan? Does such establishment exist in all local governments and carry the same functions?

The main difference between the RDEC of the TCG and that of the Executive lies in government hierarchy -- the former is of local government while the latter is at central level. Although not all the local bodies have a RDEC, there must be an office or a division to carry out the functions of RDEC. No matter an REDC is at central or local level, they are usually policy advisory in nature, and share similar missions and responsibilities. In order to fulfill missions, A RDEC generally has the following divisions to undertake tasks: comprehensive planning, research and development, control and evaluation, and citizen service, etc. RDEC of the TCG has a very similar organizational structure, except a unique division -- the 1999 Hotline Management Division, which is in charge of the service of “1999 Citizen Hotline” to provide superior phone and online inquiry service.