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21Are all of the Taipei MRT lines running a compatible system? (E&M Systems)2017-04-19
22Do the MRT's elevated sections have a negative impact on the urban landscape? If yes, how can you solve the problem? (Civil Works)2017-04-19
23How high is the Wenhu line's viaduct section, and what regulations govern the response to typhoons and suspension of operations? (Civil Works)2017-04-19
24What measures do you adopt to reduce noise and vibration along MRT routes? (Civil Works)2017-04-19
25Why is a light rail system necessary in the Taipei metropolitan area? (Planning)2017-04-19
26What kinds of systems have been adopted in the Taipei MRT? (Planning)2017-04-19
27In terms of the government's energy-conservation policy, what are the strategies for MRT route alignment.-and what norms are considered when setting the distance between MRT stations? (Planning)2017-04-19
28How do you decide which MRT system mode to adopt and what is the cruising speed of the adopted system? (Planning)2017-04-19
29What’s the planning for a multiple application smart card system for the future Taipei MRT automatic fare collection (AFC) system.2016-12-12
30What are the sources of construction funds for the MRT system? 2016-12-12
31What are the planning principles for intermodal transfers at MRT stations? (Planning)2016-12-12
32What percentage of the population travels by public transportation every day in Taipei? What are the future targets? (Planning)2016-12-12
33What measures do you take to maintain traffic flow during MRT construction? (Planning)2016-12-12
34What are the principles for MRT route alignment? (Planning)2016-12-12
35Why are fraudulent uses of Senior/Companion EasyCards fined 50 times the original fare?2016-08-23
36Does Taipei Metro provide any maps or information brochures?2016-04-01
37How long do the doors remain open after the train arrives at the station?2016-04-01
38Does Taipei Metro remain operational during a Typhoon Warning Period?2016-04-01
39Where do I find information on the latest and future Metro lines?2016-04-01
40Why does the train sometimes accelerate, decelerate or stop between stations?2016-04-01