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What does two-way transfer between metro and bus (except buses charging by distance) mean? What are the two-way transfer fares for the various electronic tickets?

In order to encourage wider usage of public transport, the Taipei Metro has introduced a two-way transfer policy. When passengers transfer between Metro and bus within one hour, they will receive a discount on their Metro or bus fare depending on the ticket type they are using. (Two-way transfer does not apply to other forms of transport between metro and bus, such as the TRA, Danhai LRT, YouBike, Maokong Gondola, long-distance buses, HSR, or taxis.)
1. General and Companion cards (used alone): NT$8 discount per trip.
2. Student cards: NT$6 discount per trip.
3. Welfare cards (Senior, Charity, and Concessionaire cards, and Companion cards used immediately after the Charity card): NT$4 discount per trip.
4. The transfer discount is not affected by topping up during the transfer; however, it may be affected if the balance falls below zero at Taipei Metro gates or bus ticket readers. Therefore, if your balance is low, please be sure to top it up before you transfer. Failure to use the cards correctly at the Metro gate sensors or bus ticket readers can affect your rights and interests.
5. Starting from February 1, 2020, a policy was implemented that requires passengers to swipe cards upon both boarding and alighting a bus. Failure to complete a bus transaction will deem the card holder ineligible for a transfer discount on a subsequent Metro ride. In addition, a successful deduction record upon exiting a Metro gate is required to receive a transfer discount on a subsequent bus ride.
6. Please visit the official website of the Taipei City Public Transportation Office for further details about the policy mentioned in Point 5.