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How do I use Single-Journey Tickets (tokens)? What are the relevant regulations? Can I obtain an official receipt for my purchase?

Single-Journey Tickets (tokens) are about the size of a NT$50 coin. It is navy blue, bears the “Metro Taipei” LOGO and has the words “Single-Journey Ticket” on it.
Usage of the tokens are same as EasyCards. To use, place the token over the sensor (marked with the IC Single-Journey Ticket logo) at the gate. When it beeps or an arrow appears, the gates will open to let you through. Tokens are retrieved by the machine when you exit at your destination.
Relevant regulations
1. Unused Single-Journey Tickets are refundable at the Information Counter of any Taipei Metro station but only on the date of purchase. (Used Single-Journey Tickets are non-refundable except in incidents attributable to the TRTC.)
2. If your ticket's value does not cover the fare, you can pay the difference at the Information Counter. You may exit the station using the token after station staff has processed it.
3. If you lose your ticket, you will need to purchase another one at the Information Counter. (A fare receipt will be issued for the purchase which may be used to request a free revision of ticket data, should you recover your lost ticket at a later time.)
4. For detailed information, please read the “Regulations for Use of the Taipei Metro System” posted in every metro station lobby, or visit the Taipei Metro website (http://english.metro.taipei/ Home Page / Metro Guide / Metro Tickets).
Fare receipt
Should you require a receipt for the purchase of your ticket, you can ask for it at the Information Counter of any metro stations.