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NO.TitlePublish Date
1212014 Taipei Hakka Festival2014-10-20
1222014 Taipei Hakka Yimin Festival2014-09-12
1232014 Taipei Conference on Healthy Cities and Safe Communities2014-08-15
1243D Vision Theater Showtimes at Taipei Children's Recreation Center2014-08-07
125Elementary school and kindergarten teacher for training Hakka courses2014-07-10
126Feitsui Reservoir Ecology Camp Winds Up Successfully2014-07-02
127“Pilgrimage of Hometown of Taipei Tab Water” Underway2014-06-06
12827th Taipei Hakka Academy Enrollment Duration: Apr. 24th – Nov. 14th , 20142014-04-24
129Taipei e-Campus Kicks off "Cloud Computing e-Learning Package Activity"2014-03-27
130Hakka Religious Activity- Ceremony of the Three Mountain Kings2014-03-05
131Taipei Confucius Temple Six Arts Multimedia Exhibition2014-03-01
132The Annual Birthday Ceremony of Bo Gong (the Earth God)2014-02-18
133The Press Conference for the Taipei City Governmental Expansion of Easycard Payment Application Ended Successfully.2014-01-09
134Taipei Broadcasting Station “Welcoming 2014 Happiness Concert” details2013-11-26
1352013 Taipei Hakka Nursery Rhyme Competition2013-11-18
136Taipei City Government 2013 " National Disaster Prevention Day " prevention education promotional activities " Emergency Supply Kit Design Award and promotion " site survey2013-10-24
137Taipei e-Campus speech event "Aesthetics • Humanities" is coming on the 2nd of November 20132013-10-15
138The theme of ‘2013 Taipei Conference on Healthy Cities and Safe Communities‘2013-10-11
1392013 Taipei Hakka Yimin Festival2013-10-02
140The Home of Taipei Water Festival will return on October 12, 2013.2013-09-17