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101Q: What is the procedure to apply for reserving a community park?2005-05-26
102Q: Is there any subsidy available for the unemployed or those unable to afford the NHI premium?2005-05-26
103Q: Can a couple apply for NHI membership separately?2005-05-26
104Q: I lost my NHI IC card. How can I apply for a new one?2005-05-26
105Q: I don't have an NHI IC Card. How can I get one?2005-05-26
106Q: I am going back to my home country. What should I do with my NHI Card?2005-05-26
107Q: Help! I lost my Senior Easy Card!2005-05-26
108Q: How can I apply to be a citizen temporary laborer?2005-05-26
109Q: I am a foreign laborer. I want to apply for an Easy Card for an elder. What papers must I bring for the application?2005-05-26
110Q: What conditions are necessary for the application of child care subsidy? What documents must I bring for the application?2005-05-26
111Q: I am a foreign labor. I want to apply for a Disabled Handbook. What documents should I prepare?2005-05-26
112Q: Can an Overseas Chinese with Resident Certificate apply for a Disabled Handbook?2005-05-26
113Q: Can a foreign with resident certificate apply for and receive social aid and benefits?2005-05-26
114Q: Where can I buy the Administrative District Map of Taipei City? 2005-05-26
115Q: Can you tell me how to apply the use of Taipei District Administration Center Auditorium?2005-05-26
116Q: Can you tell me how to apply to use the Datong District Citizen Activity Center, Taipei City? 2005-05-26
117Q: Where can I find information about Taipei's school districts?2005-05-26
118Q: Can you tell me how to join the Taipei City Mass Wedding?2005-05-26
119Q: Does my child attain to school age to start first grade of elementary school this year?2005-05-26
1202. Q: What is the benefit of mediation?2005-05-25