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141Where should I go to find out relevant information about National Technician Certification ?2011-04-20
142How many types of living allowance can we have? Is it possible to receive them all at the same time?2011-04-20
143How should I do if my company would like to recruit workers from Taipei Vocational Training Center?2011-04-20
144When does the Training Cooperated with Industry program enroll new students?2011-04-20
145What is “Training Co-operated with Industry”?2011-04-20
146What kind of elements should new immigrants (including foreign spouses and mainland Chinese spouses) have to be eligible to apply for vocational training?2011-04-20
147Budge for the labor safety cost is low; if the budget is fixed as according to the current Act and Regulation, extra burdens will definitely be on the construction company.2009-08-04
148What are the legal installation standards and specifications for circuit breakers at the construction site?2009-08-04
149What are Type-D Hazardous Workplaces as outlined in the Rules of Assessment and Inspection of Hazardous Workplaces?2009-08-04
150What should the employees do if in doubt of contracting occupational diseases?2009-08-04
151What are different types of compensations due to occupational hazards?2009-08-04
152Can the labor contract be terminated during the period in which the occupational injuries are medically treated?2009-08-04
153Is pre-deduction of wage legal?2009-08-04
154Are transportation subsidy, full attendance bonus, and lunch subsidy part of the wage?2009-08-04
155Under what circumstances can the company sign a term contract with the employees?2009-08-04
156Regulation of Occupational Hazard Statistics2009-08-04
157Regulation of Working Principles.2009-08-04
158Regulations of Safety and Health Staffs.2009-08-04
159Is the tow truck under the category of hazardous machinery as stipulated by Article 8 of the Labor Safety and Health Act?2009-08-04
160Shall designated staffs be required to command airborne crane?2009-08-04