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61Any part-time job vacancies available during summer vacations from Taipei City Government? And job application start date?2014-02-14
62Under what circumstances do enterprises have to prepare for the Contribution of the Workers' Retirement Reserve Funds?2014-02-13
63How do employers apply for foreign worker employment permit?2013-09-18
64Does the overload warning device installed on jib cranes with a lifting load of less than three tons comply with other preventive devices and thus prevent overloading?2012-05-24
65Can auxiliary rod installed on certified mobile crane be registered directly on the inspection certificate and exempted from inspection?2012-05-24
66What kind of standards are adopted to design and manufacture German-Imported Mobile Cranes and what kind of standards are used to perform the inspection?2012-05-24
67Can CE MARK on the imported cranes be recognized as the “Relevant Document for Quality Assurance”?2012-05-24
68How to handle situations such as lacking oxygen or being poisoned in confined spaces?2012-05-24
69What are preventive measures for hazards in confined spaces?2012-05-24
70What are oxygen-deficient operations?2012-05-24
71What are confined spaces?2012-05-24
72What kinds of main workplaces are confined spaces?2012-05-24
73What kinds of papers should I have when applying for classes at the Labor Affairs Academy?2011-09-22
74Where can I find the information on the Labor Affairs Academy?2011-09-22
75Will the Labor Affairs Academy issue a course completion certificate upon program conclusion?2011-09-22
76How do we sign up for classes at the Labor Affairs Academy?2011-09-22
77When will a course completion certificate from the Labor Affairs Academy be issued?2011-09-22
78Is there a quota on the attendees from a business entity for classes held at the Labor Affairs Academy curricula?2011-09-22
79How does the Labor Education Center design its Labor Affairs Academy curricula?2011-09-22
80Who are the recipients of the city’s labor education program subsidies?2011-09-22