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121[For job hunting] How do I find a job through the Office? What documents should I provide?2011-04-30
122[Foreign Labors] How does an employer apply to hire a domestic helper? Are there any requirements?2011-04-29
123[Foreign Labors] Which documents should be provided if an employer wish to hire another foreign caretaker and domestic helper?2011-04-29
124[Unemployment Compensation] How does an employer file an involuntarily terminated employee’s data to the authorities?2011-04-29
125[Unemployment Compensation] When should an employer report to competent authorities before laying off an employee?2011-04-29
126[Unemployment Compensation] After being laid off by the previous employer, may I apply for unemployment benefits again if I find a job but quit within 14 days after work?2011-04-29
127[Unemployment Compensation] Do I need to pay income tax for various unemployment benefits?2011-04-29
128[Unemployment Compensation] What does it mean that the coverage years for unemployment insurance will restart from zero?2011-04-29
129[Unemployment Compensation] Will our labor insurance coverage years as well as rights and interests be affected if I apply for unemployment benefits?2011-04-29
130[For Employers] How do we register for onsite recruitment?2011-04-29
131[For Employers] How do we register for recruitment?2011-04-29
132[For job hunting] What are the content and function of psychological tests for career guidance? Are there any requirements for testees? Where and when do those tests take place?2011-04-29
133[For job hunting] How do I apply for job training lessons?2011-04-29
134[For job hunting] What is employment counseling? How do I apply for it?2011-04-29
135[For job hunting] How do I apply for job training consultations and referrals?2011-04-29
136How does the jobless apply for the vocational training?2011-04-20
137What will you provide for trainee after the training,such as job opportunities ?2011-04-20
138Who can tell us if we can have Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance during training ?2011-04-20
139Why should I sign the Training Contract to have vocational training?2011-04-20
140Where should I go to get the detailed information about Skill Competitions?2011-04-20