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61How can I request an urgent repair when encountering a suspected gas leak in Taipei City?2013-12-30
62How do I apply for the agriculture soil and water conservation services for hillside land?2013-10-14
63Our company has just completed the process of capital increase; we plan to increase again next year. If we have already applied for the subsidy this year, could we apply for it next year after capital increase?2013-10-08
64Quick and easy detection methods for gas leaks2013-10-08
65How to purchase and use the air conditioner properly?2013-09-24
66How to know the average price of Liquid Petroleum Gas in Taipei City?2013-08-14
67Why is the survey of family income and expenditure conducted?2013-08-13
68If a company has already applied or obtained subsidies from other government entities, can it still apply for incentives or subsidies according to “Taipei Municipal Self-Governance Ordinance for Industrial Development”?2013-08-13
69Are foreign investors qualified for applying incentives & subsidies under the Taipei Municipal Self-Government Ordinance?2013-08-06
70What is the conditions required to be eligible for the privileged land value increment tax rate for self-use residential land?2013-06-20
71When is the levying period for the house tax?2013-06-20
72How is the rate of house tax calculated?2013-06-20
73What are the models for the private sector to participate in public infrastructure?2013-06-20
74What is land development management plan in Taipei City?2013-06-20
75How can civilian organizations join in public construction?2013-06-20
76How many underground pedestrian multifunctional plazas (metro mall) are there that are administered by Department of Finance?2013-06-20
77Is there tax reduction or exemption for citizens who participate in major public constructions sponsored by Taipei City Government?2013-06-20
78How many local taxes are collected by Taipei City Government?2013-06-20
79What are the supervising agencies in central government and local government respectively?2013-06-20
80What is the levying institute for tobacco and alcohol tax?2013-06-20