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41When could the company start to apply the startup subsidy?2018-05-18
42Where can I find the applying regulations and process of Subsidies and Incentives Industrial Development for Taipei City?2018-05-18
43What aspects were covered in the financial statement of Taipei Municipal Government for 2016 fiscal year (FY)?2017-10-19
44If all the staff are foreigners, could their salaries be subsidized?2017-10-13
45How to file a patent?2017-09-08
46What is the application fee for the groundwater right?2017-09-08
47When can the company start to apply for the startup subsidy?2017-08-24
48Is the price of Liquid Petroleum Gas set by the government? Is there a flat price for Liquid Petroleum Gas?2017-08-09
49How does one gain access to business registration when it comes to online marketing and salesmanship?2017-07-07
50What should you do if failing to meet the standards of Hot Spring Test? 2017-07-04
51If we want to apply the startup subsidy for 1M NTD, should we prepare our own 1M NTD in advance?2017-06-06
52How do I know whether Beitou District foot bath area would open or not?2017-05-31
53What are the term for groundwater right and temporary water use right?2017-05-12
54Where do I go to view or copy company registration records?2017-05-11
55What is the easy way to check if there is leaking gas?2017-03-31
56What is the "Turnover And Employee's Movement Survey"2017-03-09
57What is the budget of Taipei Municipal Government (TMG) for this fiscal year (FY)?2017-03-09
58What is the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?2017-03-09
59How are the prices collected and reviewed for calculating Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Taipei?2017-03-09
60How is the survey of family income and expenditure conducted? What is the sampling method?2017-03-09