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NO.TitlePublish Date
81What are the models for the private sector to participate in public infrastructure?2013-06-20
82What is land development management plan in Taipei City?2013-06-20
83How can civilian organizations join in public construction?2013-06-20
84How many underground pedestrian multifunctional plazas (metro mall) are there that are administered by Department of Finance?2013-06-20
85Is there tax reduction or exemption for citizens who participate in major public constructions sponsored by Taipei City Government?2013-06-20
86How many local taxes are collected by Taipei City Government?2013-06-20
87What are the supervising agencies in central government and local government respectively?2013-06-20
88What is the levying institute for tobacco and alcohol tax?2013-06-20
89What are those financial institutes that are under Department of Finance’s supervision?2013-06-20
90Is the price of Liquid Petroleum Gas determined by government? Are the sale prices identical?2013-06-13
91Why we need to investigate the manmade-slope?2013-06-05
92How to know the regions of the Hillside Aggregations?2013-06-05
93How to inquire the rate of process of soil and water conservation plan application?2013-05-10
94Practices of Biogas Electricity in Taiwan2013-04-15
95How many subsidy items are there under the Taipei Municipal Self-Government Ordinance?2013-04-10
96How many items are there for subsidies under the Taipei Municipal Self-Government Ordinance?2013-03-26
97Is there any publication which helps us to understand the economic information about Taipei city?2013-03-11
98To whom is the “Taipei Municipal Self-Government Ordinance for Industrial Development” applicable? Can the small and medium enterprises or companies registered in other cities or counties submit the application?2013-02-20
99Photovoltaic system installation prerequisites2013-02-08
100The introduction of tidal power electricity generation2013-01-22