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Songshan District Office


Financial Industry and Food Services


210,975 (Jul, 2020) M:99,356 F:110,636


9.2878 km2

Number of Li:33

Number of Lin:762


Songshan was previously known as "Sikou". It is located in the northeastern area of Taipei Basin and is surrounded by the Sishou, Muzhi and Bijia Mountains. Keelung River runs through the foot of these mountains. This beautiful scenery was originally the hunting and fishing ground of the Pingpu clan.


Booming with industry and commerce, Songshan District witnesses the burgeoning of different companies and shops and the establishment of tall buildings row upon row. Home to over 15,000 businesses in various industries, the District has more than 10,000, in commerce, followed by the service industry and transportation industry.The District also boasts itself the host to large enterprises, such as the world-renowned Formosa Plastics Group, and celebrated shopping areas like Living Mall and Breeze Center. Their vibrant and brisk commercial activities have boosted prosperity and development in the District.


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