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Songshan District Office


Financial Industry and Food Services


192,847 (Oct, 2023) M:89,739 F:103,108


9.2878 km2

Number of Li:33

Number of Lin:760


Songshan, originally known as "Sikou," is located in the northeastern part of the Taipei Basin. To the southeast, it features hilly terrain, surrounded by majestic mountain peaks such as Sishou Mountain, Muzhi Mountain, and Bijia Mountain. The foothills are traversed by the winding Keelung River. This area was once a hunting and fishing ground for the indigenous Pingpu tribe, characterized by magnificent and picturesque landscapes.


The district is prosperous in industry and commerce, with a multitude of companies and businesses, and a skyline dominated by towering buildings. The current number of registered companies in the area exceeds 20,000, with wholesale and retail businesses comprising the majority, totaling over 5,000 establishments. Following closely are the manufacturing and construction industries, each with over 2,000 businesses.
Globally renowned companies such as the Formosa Plastics Group and Wei Chuan Group, along with well-known domestic and international enterprises and financial institutions, are gathered here. Landmarks like Breeze Center and Taipei Arena, situated nearby, contribute to the district's reputation as a famous commercial hub. Commercial activities are extremely vibrant, driving the prosperity and development of the area.


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