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NO.TitlePublish Date
61228 Peace Park2010-01-11
62Taiwan PuChengShiShi YaMen2010-01-11
63Northern Gate2010-01-11
64National Central Library2010-01-11
65Fengtian Temple2010-01-06
66Shopping at Wufenpu2010-01-06
67Xinyi Public Assembly Hall2010-01-06
68Youth Park2010-01-05
69Ximen Commercial District2010-01-05
70The Red house2010-01-05
71Longshan Temple2010-01-05
72Herbal Lane2010-01-05
73Huaxi Street Tourists Night Market2009-12-30
74Taipei Zoo: the Largest Zoo in Southeast Asia2009-09-20
75Zhinan Temple2009-09-20
76Tea Demonstration Center2009-09-20