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About Xinyi District Office, Taipei City
  1. History
    • In order to consolidate and improve the efficiency of its districts, Taipei City Government reduced the number of the city's districts from 16 to 12 on March 12, 1990. The area from the south side of the Songshan Dist. Railway Station and the area from the north side of section 3, Heping E. Rd. of Daan Dist. were combined and given the name “Xinyi District”. Many landmark buildings are located in this area: the Taipei Financial Center (Taipei 101), Taipei City Hall, Taipei City Council, National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, World Trade Center, Taipei International Conference Center, International Commercial Building , Grand Hyatt Taipei, etc. With the greatest number of landmark buildings, Xinyi Dist. is considered the political, economic, and cultural center of Taipei City.
  2. The District’s boundaries
    • East
      Zhongpo South Road to middle of Lane 310 of Fude Street, along the Park’s hiking trail to the ridge of Muzhi Mountain that borders Nangang District.
    • West
      Guangfu South Road to the entrance of Linjiang Street, connecting to Section 2 of Keelung Road, into Section 3 of Heping East Road till the top of Zhuangjing Tunnel that borders Daan District.
    • South
      Ridges of Baozijiao Mountain and Poneikeng Mountain that border Wenshan District.
    • North
      North of Sections 5 and 6 of Civic Boulevard that borders Songshan District.
  3. Area
    • 11.2077km2
  4. Population
    • 206209(August, 2022)
      Male:97,951, Female:108,258
  5. Number of villages and neighborhoods
    • Villages: 41 Neighborhoods:910
      There are 41 villages in Xinyi District
      Each village comprises several neighborhoods (total number of neighborhoods: 910)
  6. Characteristics
    • Business, Exhibition, Office and Meeting Center


Xinyi Public Assembly Hall

Information on Disaster Prevention
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Xinyi Commercial District