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Hot Springs, Cherry Flowers and Taipei City Beitou District Feartures

 Beitou is a nice place of Taipei and is the best of the best. It is the new hometown of hot springs known throughout the world. It is also a tourist attraction located in the suburb of Taipei with a land area of 56.82 square kilometers. It is flanked by Keelung and Tamsui Rivers, embraces Yangmingshan, Datun Mountain, and has abundant tourist resources as well as sublime and magnificent relics. It has various natural scenic sites such as Yangmingshan National Park, Guandu Natural Park, Macao Hot Spring, Xiaoyoukeng, Zhuzihu, Qingtiangang, Junjian Rock, and Guizkeng; it has relics such as Guandu Temple, Beitou Hot Spring Museum, and Puji Temple.; These are the must-see places. Beitou is suitable for a tour all year round. In Beitou, spring is ideal for watching cherry flowers; summer is a season when dragon boat races and sunset can be watched. Yangmingshan Valley is green and lovely; Guandu wet land provides a wonderful spot for watching birds; Hot spring baths offer a comfortable and refreshing experience. They all indicate the unique natural resources and various traditional activities that Beitou District boasts, making it the best choice for tourists home and abroad.


 Total population:242,379(Jan. 2024)

 Male population:115,468

 Female population:126,911

 56.8216 square kilometers

 Beitou got its name from "Beitou She", the first place that was developed in the Taipei area. "Beitou" originally means "a witch" in the aboriginal language.
When the Spanish ventured upstream along Tamsui River to Guandu and Beitou in 1629, they discovered nearly 300 aboriginal households.
 In 1662, General Zheng defeated the Dutch and deployed troops in the Keelung and Tamsui areas where immigrants from mainland China resided.
 In April 1684 (the first year of rule under Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty), Taipei Fu was placed under the jurisdiction of Fujian Province, and officially became part of China. In 1885, the Qing Government established Taiwan Province, and Beitou commanded 13 hamlets.
 During the Japanese occupation, Beitou was placed under the jurisdiction of Qixing Jun, Beitou Jun, Taipei Zhou. After Taiwan was returned to the Republic of China, Beitou Township was placed under the jurisdiction of Qixing Jun. In 1950, the Grass Mountain Administration Bureau was set up and Beitou was placed under its jurisdiction. On July 1st 1968, Beitou was placed under the jurisdiction of Taipei City. In 1974, Yangmingshan (originally called Grass Mountain) Administration Bureau underwent restructuring, and Beitou District was placed under the direct jurisdiction of Taipei City.


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