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Dahu Park

Dahu Park

high-tech industries, commercial areas, tourism, handicrafts, food services, shopping areas and entertainment areas.

286,776(MAY 2019)


On July 1, 1968, Neihu Township of Taipei County was placed under the jurisdiction of Taipei City and became Neihu District. Construction was prohibited in the entire district until 1974. In February 1976, the City Government announced a development plan for Dahu Li. In February 1978, NeiGou Hsiao Keng and Wufen (both are part of Xinlizu) were designated as the first areas to be developed during the first phase of the city's development plan. Following these development plans, large-scale construction projects were carried out and numerous residential buildings sprang up like “bamboo shoots after the spring rains”.

Neihu Technology Park is the first municipally planned, privately funded technology park in Taiwan. The Park boasts key advantages including an excellent geographical location, convenient transportation network, and advanced IT infrastructure.