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Wanhua District, the oldest region of Taipei City, can be divided into 3 parts, northern, central and southern regions. The northern Wanhua (Ximending) is particularly popular among the young generation and has become the most fascinating shopping center in Taipei. The central Wanhua is well-known for its national historical site - Longshan Temple. The feature of this region is "Wanhua local treasures" that means temples, traditional shopping streets, and local snacks. The southern Wanhua is the residential area. This region has a wide city park named Youth Park to provide a leisure space and high quality living environment.



In ancient times, Wanhua was called “Bangka” by the people of the Pinpu Ketagalantribe. In 1709, immigrants from Fujian Province led by Lai-chang Chen renamed the area to “Mankah.” It became the most prosperous place in the Taipei area.
Over a period of three hundred years, Wanhua developed into a full-fledged district of Taipei City. The district serves as a center of transportation and commerce for other districts and New Taipei City.
In Wanhua District, Longshan Temple is perhaps the most well-known tourist attraction– a religious center with more than one hundred years of history. Other major landmarks in the district include The Red House, Ximen Commerical District, Herbal Lane, Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market, and Youth Park.

Wanhua district has three main wholesale markets of Taipei: Taipei First Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market, Taipei First Poultry Wholesale Market and Taipei Fishery Wholesale Market. We also have many marketing corporations, such as Taipei Fishery Marketing Corporation, Taipei Agricultural Production Marketing Corporation and Taipei Livestock Products Marketing Corporation. Besides, the types of business in Wanhua district are vendor market, traditional market and retail stores.
Commercial activity is usually combined with local characteristics, leading to the development of Ximen-Walker plaza, Dali clothes shopping street, Xiyuan Rd. jewelry shopping street, Xiyuan Rd. Buddhist figurines shopping street, Huanhe S. Rd. hardware stores, and Changsha St. house furnishings shopping street. Moreover, tourist night markets are a majar feature of Taiwan. In Wanhua district, we have many unique night markets like Huaxi St. tourist night market, Xichang St. night market, Guangzhou St. night market, Wuzhou St. night market, and Nanjichang night market. These night markets provide delicious snacks and are very popular.



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