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2019 Land Value Tax collection begins in November

According to Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS), 2019 Land Value Tax for 2019 will be collected in November, and the collection period is from November 1 to December 2 (To accommodate the weekend, it postpone from November 30 to December 2). If the tax bill has not been received or lost during the collection period, taxpayers may apply for reissuance from respective branches and may make the payment before December 2 to prevent delinquency charges.


TRS stated that when people change their residence address, they can apply for correction of address by phone call or paper, so the bureau will mail the tax bill accordingly to the new address. In the past, many people have neglected to report their change of address to the bureau so not receive the tax bill and failed to file their taxes in time. TRS would like to remind taxpayers to apply for a change of address at various branches in order to protect their rights.


TRS reminded the taxpayers who have designated a financial institution or the postal agency to transfer the Land Value Tax payment from their deposit accounts to put aside sufficient amount of money in their accounts before December 2, 2019, the deadline for paying Land Value Tax. TRS pointed out further that can easily pay tax by a number of payment mechanisms. For example, taxpayers can pay by cash in convenience stores (limited to cases less than NTD 20,000); transfer the tax payment from bank account through automatic teller machines (ATM) or pay by credit card or debit card on the Internet. In addition, people can also download the mobile payment apps and scan the QR Code on the tax bill to pay online.


If you have any questions regarding Land Value Tax, please feel free to contact us at (02)23949211 ext.181,182. We will be glad to assist you.