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The Taipei City Green Bamboo Shoot Festival Officially Debuted! A series of events invite you to taste the Authentic "Emerald"

  Many people have long been looking forward to the official debut of Taipei Green Bamboo Shoot Festival! The Green Bamboo Shoots of Taipei City have the reputation of being "emeralds." On June 7th, a press conference not only announced a series of rich and exciting events, but also invited the chef Huang Jing-long who won the gold medal in the Olympic Food and Beverage Contest to demonstrate the creative cuisine of the bamboo shoots, including Bamboo Shoots Fried Minced Shrimp, Spinach & Seafood Bamboo Shoots Soup, Duck Egg-Bamboo Shoot Stir-fry, etc. He taught you how to easily make the fresh and delicious green bamboo shoots cuisines.

  The commissioner of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government, Mr. Lin Chong-Jie, stated that this year's bamboo shoot series events are held by 9 District Farmers' Associations (Muzha, Shilin, Beitou, Neihu, Jingmei, Nankang, Da'an, Songshan, Zhongshan), Bamboo Farmers, City Farmers' Association and Taipei City Government. With their joint planning, the "Best Quality Bamboo Shoot Evaluation Competition" will be held on 6/21. In addition, it is planned to have a 3-series of “Enjoy Bamboo Shoots Feasts Fun", "Buy Bamboo Shoots Fun", and "Harvest Bamboo Shoots Fun" events. On 6/22, there is “Enjoy Muzha Bamboo Shoots Feast Fun"; from 6/9 to 8/26, "Buy Bamboo Shoots Fun" is held at Expo Park Farmers Market; and from June to August, "One-day Farmer's Ecological Experience" activity is planned. More specially, this year's "Harvest Bamboo Shoots Fun" event has added quota for participation. We hope that more interested people can participate and expect that through this series of activities, everyone can enjoy the sweet taste of bamboo shoots.

Feast Fun - 6/22 Thousand People Green Bamboo Shoot Feast (Enrollment Fulfilled)

  During the "Feast Fun" event, all the dishes are made from bamboo shoots in the Muzha District. Various dishes are cooked on the spot. Everyone can taste the fresh flavor of the bamboo shoots in the Muzha District. They also utilize a variety of cooking methods so participants can understand how to cook green bamboo shoots in different ways. The event is open for registration (a total of 100 tables) from now on. Please contact the Farmers’ Association of Muzha District: 02-2939-8021 ext. 214.

  "Buy Bamboo Shoot Fun" -Every Saturday and Sunday from 6/9 to 8/26 at Expo Park Farmers Market. You Can Buy Quality Fresh Bamboo Shoots 

  Green Bamboo Shoots are the signature agricultural products of Taipei City in May each year. The city's bamboo shoots are planted in sandy loam, and the taste and texture of the bamboo shoots are fine. Each year it causes a fever of buying. In response to people’s enthusiastic expectations, we have invited the Taipei City farmers to sell fresh and sweet bamboo shoots at the Farmers Market Exhibition in Expo Park. All green bamboo shoots are freshly harvested on the day. Please be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

  "Harvest Bamboo Shoot Fun" - Experiencing Green Bamboo Shoot Garden Farmers' Ecology from June to August

  Beitou, Shilin, Nankang, Jingmei, and Muzha District Farmers' Associations will conduct a three-month, 30-class one-day green bamboo shoot garden farmer's ecological experience. The activities are rich and exciting in content. We welcome interested people to dial and register immediately in order not to miss the chance. (The telephone numbers of the farmers' associations: Beitou District Farmers' Association: 02-2892-4185 #340; Shilin District Farmers' Association: 02-2882-8959 ext. 507; Nangang District Farmers' Association: 02-2783-6121 ext. 13; Jingmei District Farmers' Association: 02-2931-3446 ext. 102; Muzha District Farmers' Association: 02-2939-8021, ext. 214) For more information about Taipei Bamboo Shoots, please visit the official website of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government, or the FB fan page @doed.taipei.