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Taiepi Sewage Pioneer, "Painting" Decays into Magic

Today (10th) Sewerage Systems Office held an awarding ceremony for “Young Painter Contest – Imaging Marvels by Painting The Refuse.” Director Huang Yi-Ping of the Public Works Department and Chief Secretary Liao Wen-Ching of the Education Department jointly witnessed and celebrated plentiful results of the “Sewerage Sentries Deepened Campus Navigation Program.” Special thanks were given to Mingde Junior High School, Zhongxiao Junior High School, Datong Primary School and Shezi Primary School for their assistances in promoting the program. Via this “Young Painter Contest – Imaging Marvels by painting refuse,” the SSO encouraged young painters from the respective schools to highlight pleasant sceneries in associating parks of the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant using their painting brushes, for them to get more familiarized with the Sewage Treatment Plant. Most importantly, all the young sentries are rewarded for their participation in the environment education for all these years.