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Pilgrimage of Hometown of Taipei Tap Water Closed Successfully

Feitsui Reservoir’s Pilgrimage of Hometown of Taipei Tap Water tour of 2018 was completed on October 20th already.

we organized 12 tours and attracted 2,400 visitors last whole year ,the designed tours took hikers from the reservoir's eco-education center to the dam site, along the way a trained professional volunter l gave lecturers on the reservoir's abundant natural environment and the hydrological process.  With more understanding about the importance of water conservation people will cherish water and the environment in their daily life. 
The information and registration of the tour is listed on the announcement activities page of the Feitsui Reservoir Website (Chinese). We would like to take this time to wish everyone a very happy and properous  2019.
Electric vehicles connect tourists at the gate of the reservoir

Tourists visit the Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Dam