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"Taipei City Government (TCG) Demi-Whip System of Property Manager Training Course and Business Symposium" held on May 23, 2023, was successfully completed.

The TCG has always placed great importance on the efficiency of property management. Therefore, the Department of Finance (DOF) established the Demi-Whip System of Property Manager in 2018, which involves appointing the supervisor from various agencies as " Demi-Whip System of Property Manager" to serve as a liaison between the TCG agencies for property management operations. Additionally, regular training courses and business symposiums are held every year to enhance inter-agency coordination.


The ‘’TCG Demi-Whip System of Property Manager Training Course and Business Symposium’’ was held at the Department of Civil Servant Development on May 23, 2023. More than 100 Property Managers of the Demi-Whip System from various TCG agencies participated in this event. Besides inviting DOF Commissioner You Shih-ming as the keynote speaker to deliver a lecture on the topic of "Public Property Management - Insights from International Experiences", sharing experiences in public property management and international practices. After the course, DOF also arranged a comprehensive discussion, encouraging active exchanges of ideas between participants, aiming to strengthen cross-agency communication, enhancing business knowledge and capabilities, and collectively improving property management efficiency.